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By Marta Roberts, Dec 15 2014 02:07PM

I follow an unusual invitation: a mysterious, lavish ball at a magnificent castle. At the banquet hall, illuminated by a sea of candles, guests are already enjoying themselves. Everyone present is wearing individual masks concealing their faces. At first, we all savour a stunning five-course menu, accompanied by violin and clarinet music. For dessert, a naked beauty with a delectable figure is served. Her chocolate body is modelled from dark and light chocolate ... Everyone is invited to taste a piece. And for every piece tasted, an item of clothing has to be shed in return...and thus, the erotically tantalising and seductive part of the invitation begins and takes its course, climaxing in an orgy. Pure eroticism - with bodies intertwined, yearning to experience ultimate lust, succumbing to uninhibited desire. Everyone with everyone, some in twos or threes... a wild jumble...until the desired exhaustion sets in.

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